This is a quaint little store. The selection is good. Some cheaper more affordable stuff, some higher quality more expensive antiques. The staff is friendly. I only docked then a start because their selection isn't that large and some is overpriced. But their inventory changes frequently.

★★★★★-April S.

They always have done fun and antique pieces. Prices are quite reasonable for used furniture. Popular items go pretty quick though! Keep up with them on Facebook to see items when they come in

★★★★★ -Yvette H.

Sweet little store. There's always something that catches my eye. So far, it just hasn't been the item for which I was looking.

★★★★★- Lisa H.

Love that the inventory is always changing. I never leave this store empty handed!

★★★★★ - Melissa K.

Purchased my used furniture for my cabin from Junk in the Trunk Very affordable would recommend this place to anyone!!! I go there often to see their ever changing inventory and custom farmhouse furniture"

★★★★★- Victoria P.

My favorite place to visit in Sioux Falls"

★★★★★-Emily P.

Nice used furniture and worth the stop

★★★★★- Ross J.

Very nice selection and friendly staff.

★★★★★- Chanda H.

Best place to go and find treasures.

★★★★★- Charles K.

They have a lot of nice things at their store it's a very nice place to visit"

★★★★★- Fred G.